Halo Fest

by postmortem on 7/07/2011

1:11 in the morning, at the time of me beginning to write this. The thought of sleep is definitely at the forefront of my mind, as I know I must be up in around four or five hours to prepare for the first official day of Halofest!

Let me just take a step back for a moment and say that that, in itself, is wholly unreal. I feel as if the entire weekend has already passed. I feel as if I could leave Seattle now, and go home 100% satisfied. Things have been far better already than I had even imagined. FAR better. To think that the real festivities haven’t even begun? Well, it simply blows my mind. If tomorrow results in some sort of epileptic seizure of awesomeness that leaves the world lacking of my presence (ha), I want you all to know that I went with a smile on my face. Perhaps, in fact, the largest my face has ever seen.

Let me start at the beginning.
(DISCLAIMER: Details and chronological occurences may vary subtly from actual events. Simply put, too much happened for me to remember all of it with 100% accuracy. Additionally, the writing of this summary has served as a way to document experiences more for myself than anyone else, to return to when the details have faded in my memory. As a result… this write-up is ridiculously long. Please forgive me for that.)





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