by postmortem on 25/09/2011

The next day I woke up as my phone’s alarm went off, silenced it, and went back to sleep.
Next thing I know, Grim is pounding on my door saying that our group is leaving in fifteen minutes. I got up and ready in ten. Unfortunately however, while I was rushing I forgot to grab some of the stuff I wanted to have signed and give away. My mind was only on the HBO breakfast we were going to.
At this point it was 4:30 in the morning.

The stars are still out. Leaving for the HBO breakfast in five.
Isaac Frankel

We took the Line to the Daily Grill, just down the street from the Convention Center. In a half-asleep daze, I ate breakfast with the majority of HBO that was present, and tried to wake up enough to look mildly coherent for the group picture.

Slowly waking up, I went outside with the rest of the group, tweeting with Mid7night – Ben – about potentially filming some stuff for his vlog. Figuring it was a good chance to wake myself up, I put on a much more enthusiastic face and began filming from my phone, doing my best to capture the energy of BSAV. It was fun.
After we all met up outside the Grill again, we headed in the direction of the Paramount, for the long awaited Halo 4 panel (well… long awaited for those of us who didn’t get sneak previews *jealous*). As we walked by the tremendously long line for the panel, following Claude’s lead as he confidently walked up to the front of the theater, it was hard not to feel a sense of gratitude that 343 Industries treats its fans so well. We still had to wait like all the rest, but inside the jaw-droppingly beautiful Paramount Theater. Whilst waiting, I had the chance to converse with Bryan Newman – the winner of RvB’s machinima contest, Dust Storm – the current host of Podtacular, and Goosechecka – an amazingly nice girl with a charming personality and wonderful opinions. She also happens to be the leader of Grifball Hub. We talked for about an hour about our Halo experiences, how we got involved with the community, and had a particularly interesting discussion about our different views of sexism within Halo, specifically in regards to Cortana’s changing role throughout the Halo franchise. I found the various opinions to be a fascinating way of revealing how games present a different experience for each person.
But after the great discussion, it was time to head in to the theater, up on the mezzanine.

In the Paramount theater with HBO VIP seating waiting for the H4 panel to start.
Isaac Frankel

There’s no summary of the panel that can do proper justice to what was witnessed, so I’ll just post the video below. If you haven’t seen this, you should watch it. Even if you’re not a Halo fan, the panel provides interesting insight into how much thought must go into even the most basic elements of game design.

After the panel HBO lingered in the lobby some more, and I used the time to record some more footage for Ben’s vlog. From there, we headed back to Halo Fest, where a few of us waited on the second floor as Levi gave Sparth (art director for Halo 4) a certain popular Halo comic. I used to be an adventurer like Levi, but then I took a fistful of arrows to the knee.

Actually, I should probably apologize for that one. That was unnecessary.

Anyways, while standing in a circle chatting it up with more HBOers, I heard an ominous “thump, thump, thump” coming from somewhere behind me. This is what I saw when I turned around:


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